Deryck Harlick

  1. Onboarding for Magento - Part 1 - Onboarding Anyone who has access to your Magento store

    Your store’s success may depend on how well the team you assemble to run the store adopt the ecommerce software you use to run it. In our case this is Magento but the principles I’m about to discuss could apply to any ecommerce store.
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  2. When is the stock reserved for a pending order inn Magento

    When exactly is stock reserved during the Magento order process?

    If a client is placing an order on your store when does the stock against the products they are ordering get reserved? The answer is simple the stock is reserved when the order goes into the 'pending' order status. This means that the stock level for the products will be reduced and allocated to the order.

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  3. Magento Server Crash!! Tips on Magento Backup - OLD POST

    Old blog post - information is likely to have been superseded.

    Backing up your Magento store at the most basic level.

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