New On-demand Magento Tutorials Released! 

Magento 2 Product Search Optimisation

How to get the most out of the inbuilt Magento product search function

We have released 6 news tutorials covering the inbuilt Magento 2 search. The tutorials are step by step guides on how to monitor, manage and modify the Magento product search. Many of the tutorials come with quizzes and additional material.

Tutorial 1 - How to Manage Magento Search - Optimising and Using Quick Search

The quick search (also known as search and catalogue search) can be found on most pages of most Magento stores. It is the catalogue search function for customers to quickly find the products they are looking for using keywords. However, the quick search, if not monitored and configured can also be a hindrance to a well run online store. In this section, we look at how the quick search works, how you can monitor it and how you can adjust it to enhance your customer's online experience.

Tutorial 2 - How the Magento Search Works

In this section, we walk through performing a search and then discuss how it comes to deliver the results it does. What is the process that decides which products are displayed and how this can sometimes go wrong for the customer.

Tutorial 3 - Managing the Magento Search Terms Page

The search terms page is a very useful report if you want to find out what your customers are searching for within your store. It will show you terms that return results and just as importantly it will show you terms that return no results! In this section we will explain how you read this report and what you can do to enhance the search experience.

Tutorial 4 - Using the Search Term Redirect

If a customer types in a search term that returns no products then you may have a problem. One of the solutions is to redirect that search term to a page, product or category on your store that closely matches what they were searching for. It is called Search Term redirect and we will look at how to implement it in this section.

Tutorial 5 - Using Magento Search Synonyms

Magento search synonyms. Not every search term will produce a result, but the search term itself is valid. Using search synonyms we can link keywords so that as long as one of the keywords produces a result then they all produce a result. In this section we will look at how to get the most out of this function.

Tutorial 6 - Tuning the Magento Search Results

To get the best results on your customer searches you may have to do a little tuning of the quick search. Choosing which attributes can be search and the weighting of the searchable attributes can have a dramatic or subtle effect on the customer search results. In this section we explore the how the search can be improved with some minor changes.

All the tutorials are available as part of our On Demand Magento 2 Merchant training. Some tutorials are only available through subscription.