Magento 2 Shipping Tutorials and Videos

In this series of videos, we look at how to set up and configure the most popular shipping settings in Magento

There are many third-party providers in the Magento ecosystem that can give you a much more enhanced and flexible solution to shipping. It is important to know what Magento can and can't do out of the box so you can make an educated decision on whether it is fit for your purpose or if you need to look at these third-party solutions.

Each section has a short questionnaire in the style of the Magento Certified Solution Specialist exam so you can have a quick test of the knowledge you pick up along the way.

Introduction to Magento Shipping Methods

In this chapter, we are looking at shipping and specifically the shipping methods that can be set up from a vanilla install of Magento with no need for accounts with third parties.

This does not cover the paid for service by Magento called 'Magento Shipping'. Please refer to Magento for instructions on how to implement this.

The three main methods for shipping are:

  • Flat Rate - shipping is set at a fixed rate based on either the number of items in the basket or a fixed rate for the entire order.
  • Table Rates - shipping can be put in a matrix (Spreadsheet format). Shipping can be calculated based on shipping location and one of either basket value, basket weight or the number of items in the basket.
  • Free Shipping - shipping can be made free to a customer who reaches a specific basket value.

Magento Flat Rate Shipping Method

This is the shipping method that is enabled by default when a Magento instance is first set up. It is probably the simplest of the shipping methods to configure but, by this definition, it also means that it is the most restrictive.

Flat rate shipping can be set based:

  • One shipping cost for the whole order.
  • A shipping cost for each item in the order.
  • A shipping cost for each item in the order with a one-off handling fee.

In this section, we will look at the settings to tailor the flat rate shipping costs.

Magento Flat Rate Shipping Method

Magento Table Rate Shipping

The 'out of the box' shipping method that allows us the greatest degree of flexibility is 'Table Rates'.

Table rates work using a spreadsheet (CSV) to create a matrix of rates - know as table rates. In this table, we can list the conditions an order needs to be based on location and one other metric (one of):

  • Number of items in the basket
  • Value of items in the basket
  • Weight of items in the basket

In this section, we will walk through the process including how to upload your spreadsheet. Sample files are included in this section (see below).

Magento Table Rate Shipping

Magento Free Shipping Method

The free shipping method is a fairly straightforward function. If a customer reaches a defined threshold on the subtotal of their basket then free shipping will be offered.

In this section, we step through the settings to enable and configure free shipping.

Magento Free Shipping Method