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  1. Setting up shipping on Magento 2 Video Tutorials

    Magento 2 Shipping training videosNEW TRAINING CONTENT: In this series of videos, we look at how to set up and configure the most popular shipping settings in Magento

    There are many third-party providers in the Magento ecosystem that can give you a much more enhanced and flexible solution to shipping. It is important to know what Magento can and can't do out of the box so you can make an educated decision on whether it is fit for your purpose or if you need to look at these third-party solutions. The methods we are focusing on are:

      • Magento Flat Rate Shipping Method
      • Magento Table Rate Shipping Method
      • Magento Free Shipping Method

      Each section has a short questionnaire in the style of the Magento Certified Solution Specialist exam so you can have a quick test of the knowledge you pick up along the way.

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    • How to Manage Magento Search - Optimising and Using Quick Search

      Magento 2 search products tutorialsNEW TRAINING CONTENT - We have released 6 news tutorials covering the inbuilt Magento 2 search. The tutorials are step by step guides on how to monitor, manage and modify the Magento product search.

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    • Magento 1 Video Tutorials now Freely available - Magento Merchant Guide to Running a Magento Store

      Available now, we have released our Magento 1 training material and on-demand courses. Find out how you can get access to these courses and learn at your own pace.

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    • Magento Password Management

      Magento offers you a lot of flexibility in controlling access to your Magento admin, but there are some additional steps that should be taken to ensure your site remains safe and less susceptible to compromise.
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    • How to use Magento Search Synonyms

      A new feature for Magento 2 is Search Synonym Groups. What are they and how do you use them?
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    • Magento 2 - What has happened to Group Price?

      Where has the Group Price gone in Magento 2? This short video will explain how you can replicate this function in the latest version of Magento.
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    • Magento 2 - Where have the Transactional Emails Gone? + List of all Magento 2 Email Templates

      Where can I find transactional emails in Magento 2? A short video explain where to find them and the new name.
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